Büyük Zeplin Faciası 1929 - Universal NewsReel of Zeppelin crash

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FACTUAL FACTORY is a whole new way of looking at stock footage. Factual Factory- Stock Footage, (black & white) PATHE NEWS SPECIAL: "Actual Zeppelin Crash!! The mighty Hidenburg Zeppelin catches on fire and plummets to the ground. Many of her passengers perish in the fire. UNIVERSAL NEWSREEL: "Zeppelin Explodes Scores Dead." "Zep Survivors Fight For Life As Inquiry Begins" Deaths 35 with 10 still on the critical list. PARAMOUNT NEWS: "Hindenburg Explodes!" MOVIETONE NEWS: Hindenburg Explodes; 50 Killed!!" Factual Factory- Stock Footage, (black & white/no sound) Dead body in foliage, a soldier tends to a head stone, different shots of dead bodies, tanks, hundreds of bodies laid out in rows with blankets covering them. Trenches with hundreds of bodies in them. (black & white/no sound) Lieut. Foulous and Orville Wright make the first cross country flight. Henri Farman's machine in 1908. Louis Bleriot, a French aviator, successfully flew over the English Channel in 1909. Lincoln Beachey was the first man to "stunt" an airplane. Footage of ships being blown up or sank- the U.S.S. Alabama, U.S.S. New Jersey, etc... Footage moves back to aviation- On October 20, 1929 the D.O.X carried 169 passengers on a single flight. U.S. Coast Guard- men waiting around for their orders- smoking. Sailors on deck holding a church ceremony, band playing and shots of ships at sea.
1929, zeplin, faciası

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